Success Stories

Mike’s Story
In Dr. Laura, God has given us a genuine health care provider! In addition to her expert spinal work, she has treated my dry skin, bleeding gums and dizziness and normalized a spiked blood pressure. A caregiver, she listens to my concerns, answers my questions, explains my options, and makes recommendations. A skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor, Dr. Laura has earned my respect and trust, and has proven to be the best chiropractor I’ve ever consulted.
Ryan’s Story
As an active snowmobiler I like to ride hard when the first snow falls. However after my first ride each year I end up stiff and sore and in pain for days to come. This year was different! I made an appointment after my first ride with Dr. Laura. She worked on my back and I felt relief immediately. I worried how I would feel the next morning because we had a full day planned of riding and to my surprise the pain and stiffness I would usually feel was eliminated. Thank you Dr. Laura for taking the time to explain and resolve my back issues so I can continue ride snowmobile.
Stephine’s Story
Dr. Hulsebus treated me through my second pregnancy. My first child was breech and when I was pregnant with number two I had learned about how chiropractic care can help throughout my pregnancy. The second pregnancy I felt so much better than my first and I was able to have a natural vaginal birth after a C-section. A few weeks after my son was born I was told he had colic. Dr. Laura treated him and his behavior and digestion changed dramatically. It is hard to imagine how our life was before he saw you. Thanks for your great care and generosity.
Chuck’s Story
Honestly when I first met Dr. Laura I wondered if she would be able to give me the adjustments I was used to. My wife said it was only fair to give her a chance. Boy am I glad I did!! With the stretching treatments and stretching exercises she has given me my pain level in my shoulders has gone from 5-6 to 0-2 and I can again turn my semi truck steering wheel 360 degrees with either hand. What a blessing this young Doc is!